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Gift Packaging:

 Below you will find examples of our Gift Box options for our 12" Roses. If you are purchasing multiple roses, and have a box (size) preference, please let us know in the "Notes to Seller" section during checkout. For example, if you are purchasing two roses for the same person, it is a nicer presentation if they are both in the same box. Likewise, if you are purchasing six roses for the same person, we can package all six in our "extra-wide" box for a nicer presentation.


This is our standard width Gift Box. It will nicely hold one or two 12" roses.


This is our "wide" Gift Box. It will nicely hold three to four 12" roses.


This is our "extra-wide" Gift Box. It will nicely hold five to six 12" roses. Typically, this is the box that will be used for Bouquets.

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