The Champagne Pearl Forever Rose

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24K Gold Forever Rose - Champagne Pearl (June Birthstone)

$84.95 $74.95
  • Champagne Pearl Forever Rose

Custom Engraved Roses:

Have the stem of this rose hand engraved (as shown below) by our technician with your personal message. A Forever Rose Exclusive!

Important terms & conditions. Please read carefully!
$84.95 $74.95


All Forever Roses Come With a Lifetime Warranty

Pearls are perhaps the most mysterious gemstones since these beautiful gems are formed naturally by one of the most unsightly creatures, the oyster. Pearls were so rare and valuable in ancient times that many ancient cultures, including the Romans, restricted possession or wearing of pearls only to elite nobility. Since they are naturally occurring, no two pearls are exactly alike and so is the same with our real Forever Roses - no two are identical!


Our Champagne Pearl Forever Rose embodies wealth, nobility and fortune. The off white, almost golden pearl finish reminds us of a glass of champagne and makes this rose perfect for celebrations of all kinds. Pearl is the birthstone of the month of June, which makes this rose particularly appropriate as a June birthday gift. 


Pearls also symbolize:


New to our Birthstone Collection, our Champagne Pearl Rose is handmade using a real rose that's preserved with a glossy golden white pearlized lacquer finish and dipped in 100% real 24K gold. 


All Forever Roses are handcrafted from real roses, carefully grown in our nurseries, selected at the peak of their beauty and preserved in a durable lacquer shell to capture their detail and natural beauty. They are then dipped and plated with a real 24K Gold to create this breathtaking masterpiece for your life-time enjoyment.

With over 65 meticulous steps and seven days of hand work by skilled artisans and technicians, each Forever Rose™ is one-of-a-kind, unique and everlasting, like your love!

Each rose measures 11-12 inches in length and comes complete in a decorative gift box and a fact sheet telling the story of The Forever Rose. All Forever Rose products come with an unconditional money back guarantee!

SPECS: Lifetime Guarantee, 90-Day Return Policy, Standard Length, Approximately 11-12" Long.