Natural Green Stem Burgundy Forever Rose

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Natural Forever Rose - Deep Red Burgundy

$84.95 $64.95
  • Natural Green Stem Forever Rose in Burgundy
$84.95 $64.95


All Forever Roses Come With a Lifetime Warranty

Introducing our Natural Collection Forever Rose™ in Deep Red Burgundy. This beautiful rose features a green stem, green leaves, and burgundy petals, all preserved in a thick lacquer coating and guaranteed to last a lifetime. 


Each Natural Collection Forever Roses starts as a real rose. We utilize a similar preservation process to our signature gold dipped roses, but without any precious metals. That's not to say these roses are any less precious though. In fact, they make a great gift for someone who just prefers a little less bling, or are well suited for home and office décor.

With over 65 meticulous steps and seven days of hand work by skilled artisans and technicians, each Forever Rose™ is one-of-a-kind, unique and everlasting, like your love!

Each rose measures 11-12 inches in length and comes complete in a decorative gift box and a fact sheet telling the story of The Forever Rose. All Forever Rose products come with an unconditional money back guarantee!

SPECS: Lifetime Guarantee, 90-Day Return Policy, Standard Length: Approximately 11-12" Long.