Pink Forever Rose with Copper Patina Stem.

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The Immortal Rose: Pink

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  • The Immortal Rose: Pink

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Introducing the Immortal Rose! After our initial run of copper stemmed roses the number one request we got was to see if we could patina the copper as opposed to the bright copper. Well after some trial and error we have some pretty nice results! The patina we applied to the copper on these roses has some wonderful shades of blue and other colors that copper might naturally have after decades of aging. The pictures are just an example, each rose is unique as they are done by hand and will vary from one to the next. This initial run only produced about 30 of these in red and 30 in pink, once sold out it may be many months until we can produce more, so get yours now!

This rose is very similar to our Original Gold Trimmed Rose, but we wanted to try something a bit more "earthy", so we omitted the trimming for the flower petals, and fully plated the leaves and stem with pure copper. Next we applied an advanced acid to patina the copper, finally the copper is sealed to capture the beauty forever... we hope you enjoy it!

Each rose comes complete in a decorative gift box and a fact sheet telling the story of "The Forever Rose". All Forever Rose™ products come with an unconditional money back guarantee!

SPECS: Standard length, approximately 11 inches long.